Senses of Animals, Insects, Birds and Human beings

senses of animals, birds and insects

New Concept: Six Senses of Animals, Birds and Insects

Now the world concludes there are Five senses for animals, birds and insects but I state there are Six senses for insects and animals and for human beings have Seventh sense also.

Senses of Animals, Birds and Insects

1. Sight

Sight is the ability of eyes to detect objects and colors. In each eye photoreceptors in the retina are very much sensitive to colors and light. Some patterns and objects are well recognized and they are interpreted based on already learned information previously.

2. Hearing

Hearing is the ability to reveal vibration of sound Sound propagates through a medium like air as it is a vibration. Sound vibrations are heared from the eardrum. Sound vibration is detected as mechanical sense.

3. Taste

Taste is the ability to reveal the taste of the various items such as sweet, sour, bitter umami and salty. Taste is revealed through taste buds of the tongue. Butterflies and flies are having taste organs on their feet.

4. Smell

Smell is revealed through the nose. Yet there is no system is invented to record the smell and replay it like a photo, audio or video. It is the other chemical sense. There are numerous olfactory receptors which bind to a particular molecular feature. Molecules having odour possess a number of features. Hence they excite receptors which are specific more or less strongly.

5. Touch

Touch is also known as mechanoreception or tactition. Touch is a sense which results from the response of neural receptors in the skin but in others like throat, tongue, and mucosa. The various pressure receptors respond to number of variations in the pressure. Special itch-specific neurons present in the skin as well as spinal cord which helps in the sense of itching due to allergies and insect bites.

6. Sixth sense of animals, birds and insects is to protect its own life

If you try to kill a mosquito it flies away quickly saving its life. If you try to hit a cockroach with a broom stick it moves away quickly and hides itself thinking of its life. If you touch an ant it moves very fast and goes away fearing for its life. If you try to kill a snake it gets ready to bite with its poison thinking of its survival. If you try to catch a butterfly it flies away to save its own life. If you try to hit a dog with a rod it runs away. Hence the Sixth sense of animals and insects is to protect its own life.

Senses of Human beings

7. In addition to the above human beings have seventh sense which is analytical power

Human can analyze like yes or no and true or false. Human have thinking power. Research ability is also there. By thinking capability human beings dominate the world. They build multi storey buildings. They are working on computers and manufacture mechanical and electrical items in factories. They produce chemicals and medicines. Humans doing many inventions. They deal with money and currency conversions.

P N Paramasivan